Umoja Summer Learning Institute (SLI): Cultivating Excellence in Umoja Practitioners

Summer Learning Institute 2024 | Umoja Community

The Umoja Summer Learning Institute (SLI) stands as a cornerstone event, uniting Umoja practitioners from across the state of California. Held each June, this week-long gathering serves as a dynamic platform to reinvigorate and re-engage practitioners in the core principles and practices that define Umoja. Through workshops, collaborative sessions, and shared experiences, the SLI not only rejuvenates participants but also reinforces the commitment to Umoja's mission of enhancing the cultural and educational future of African American and other students. As practitioners come together, they form a collective force dedicated to providing exemplary support and guidance to students.

Umoja Student Leadership Summit (SLS): Empowering Leaders, Transforming Futures

Student Leadership Summit 2024

The Umoja Student Leadership Summit (SLS) is a vital annual event that empowers student leaders to evolve personally and academically. Taking place each August, the summit is designed to foster a sense of leadership and community engagement among Umoja students. Through student-centered presentations, skill development workshops, and interactive sessions, the SLS equips participants with the tools to make a meaningful impact on both their campuses and communities. This transformative event not only amplifies individual leadership skills but also nurtures a culture of empowerment and collaboration within the Umoja community.

Both the SLI and SLS play pivotal roles in advancing the Umoja mission, creating spaces for continuous learning, personal growth, and community building. These events are a testament to Umoja's commitment to providing holistic support for practitioners and students alike, ensuring that the principles of unity, empowerment, and cultural enrichment remain at the forefront of our collective journey.