Jasmine Reed


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Jasmine Reed brings over half a decade of experience in diverse executive administrative functions, embodying a dynamic and dedicated approach to her professional journey. Proudly born and raised in the vibrant city of Los Angeles, Jasmine's upbringing instilled in her a commitment to meticulous organization and a sharp eye for detail.

She excels in managing bookkeeping, scheduling, and data with precision and efficiency. Jasmine's ability to swiftly grasp new concepts has led her to spearhead innovative projects and procedures, enhancing team efficacy and productivity. Her track record in project management and event planning, particularly within the entertainment industry, reflects her talent for seamlessly coordinating between vendors and executive leadership to achieve successful outcomes.

With degrees in Sociology and Communications, Jasmine possesses a deep understanding of human behavior and effective communication strategies. Now serving as Umoja's Administrative Associate, Jasmine brings her wealth of experience to the team, committed to delivering results that exceed expectations.

Away from her professional endeavors, Jasmine finds joy in spending quality time with her family, discovering hidden gems within the city, and embracing new activities. Additionally, she has a passion for collecting plants, adding a touch of greenery to her surroundings.